Sunday, September 15, 2013

We've been robbed

Friday afternoon I'm sitting on the patio soaking up the sunshine and our Mountain Ash tree is moving. The fantastic thing about Friday was the "no wind" so why is it moving.  John checks it out and there are Cedar Waxwings stealing our berries.

I love those Mountain Ash berries and waited for so many years to finally have some on this little tree and then we've been robbed.  He puts on a black mask so we can't identify him but I snuck up on him and caught him in the act.  

The Mountain Ash Berries bring back a memory of when I was little.  Mom loved her trees and we had a Mountain Ash planted in the yard where we played kick ball, baseball, football, tag...... we did everything in that yard.  

To this day I go by the old house and when I see that section of the yard I can still envision the line of kids sitting on their butts waiting for a turn on the push mower.  We had to take turns mowing lawn so what we did was line up and take one lap around the whole lawn and then the next kid in line would do a lap we had to keep scooting in as our square got smaller and smaller.  With having 11 of us you spent more time waiting than mowing lawn.

One day as we're out playing we get the bright idea to pull all the berries off the Mountain Ash and throw them at each other.  The tree was finally getting big enough to have quite a few bunches of berries and we stripped that sucker clean.

I remember Mom noticed the berries all being gone but never said a word.  I'm sure she knew it was us but she really never yelled at us.  I know at the time when I was little I didn't think this but now after looking back, she really was a cool mom with lots and lots of patience.  

Mr Masked Man didn't strip my tree of all the berries but I have a feeling that some day I'll come home to a bear tree.  And in my head I think, that's okay I can't yell at him if I didn't get yelled at for the same thing, but I didn't steal them for food.

Maybe Mom didn't yell cause she thought it was the Cedar Waxwings that stripped her tree??  

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