Monday, September 9, 2013

Labor Day Weekend at the Cottage

How can I get so far behind?  Crazy busy that's how.  Busy with work, busy with photography, busy at home, busy at the cottage, busy enjoying the summer.  

We spent Labor Day weekend at the cottage with Jesse, Lynn, Mally, Max, Jerry, Steph, Adam, Adam, Adam, (AAA clan) Monica, Brandon, Cassie, Brock, Gayle, & Bill.  We had a lot of fun going wheelin', fishin', kayakin', pontoonin', and lots of campfire time in-between.  

Baby Adam hung out with Grandma and Grandpa while everyone else went wheelin'.  He's so darn cute and such a good baby.  

Baby A was hanging out by himself while I got a shot of the new door and windows in the basement.  They sure are nice and this weekend that basement came in very handy for all the wheelin' clothes covered in mud.

Oh yea Maggie stayed with us too.  Wherever Baby A was Maggie was protecting him.

Baby A is in the toe chewing stage and I just love that.  Had to get a couple shot of him sucking on his toes.

We took Jerry and Steph up river for a kayak ride down stream.  It was their first time and I think they loved it.  

Everyone hanging out by the riverbank while some fishin' is happening.  Adam Z caught a Northern but let him go since it was the only one.  

He lost his bait so he decided to try and find it.  We had gotten some rain that week so the river was quite high, I don't think he was ready to get quite that wet.

I was really bad this weekend about taking the camera out.  I need to get better with that and just capture the moments instead of worrying about what to shoot. 

Monday everyone packed up to leave and when the campers started to pull out I shed a tear or two.  It was another busy weekend but that's why we have this place.  The more family that shares in the great up north beauty the better.  

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