Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tea Parties and Picnics

The planning for a tea party with dollies and teddy bears was happening.  Cookies and lemonade were on the menu and everything Naomi loves was written down.  

The sun was bright, the trees were starting to turn, Grandma's teddy bear was hungry, and the tea party was underway.  

After her tea party it was story time.  Most kids love books but having story time outside like a picnic is even more special. 

Every detail was in place.

even the bottle of Picnic Wine

Naomi gave her daddy some loving, she was kissing him and he is soaking it all up.

Then mom had an idea for Nay....

And Nay thought it was a good idea....

And crazy funny.

Nay is a pretty special little girl, she is usually very shy when she sees me and in the past didn't really want me to take her picture.  Her mom gets plenty of them though so it's okay

But this time it was different, could have been the fun we had with the tea party and picnic, she kinda forgot that I was the girl with the camera.  She lit up and gave me some awesome photos without being shy at all.  Kids are amazing and we just have to learn how to talk to them, each one is different.

An hour before I left I decided that I needed some fun-ness to add to this net tent.  

Fun-ness it is, nothing better than another layer of texture.

Nay wanted to sleep in her tent so they pretended to camp out.  I asked her where she would sleep and she sprawled right out and got comfy.

This mom is an amazing young lady.  I first knew her when my daughter Lynn was friends with her in school, now I am proud to call her my friend and enjoy every moment we get to spend time together.  All her planning made for beautiful memories she will treasure forever.

Oh yeah no shyness anymore.

Thank you Mindy, Ryan and Naomi you are a beautiful family.

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Mindy Thomas said...

Oh Connie - your words are so sweet and pictures this year were so special and fun. I am not sure what changed Naomi's attitude about pictures this year (I am however leaning towards that it was the cookies, lemonade and her toys) but she was just fun. I can never tell you how much your friendship and lessons - in both photography and life - mean to me. Again, so many thanks for capturing some great moments with my little family :)