Sunday, September 15, 2013

Vach family is growing......soon

The Vach family is soon to bring another child into their lives.  We started out with just Mom and big sister.  I love the shadows behind them.  

Where's your brother???

A little afternoon sun, I love how she has to sit on top of momma's belly.

Daddy walked around the corner and she lit up.

Story time just to give Ellie a break.

It's time to color

If you can't convince them to stop you might as well join them.

And then daddy and Ellie decided mom's shirt looked like a chalkboard.

Had to giggle at her as she walked to the back of mom and started writing on her shirt.  

Thank you Rachel and Eric for letting me share in another important event in your lives.  You are fantastic parents and this little baby will be a great addition to your family.  

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