Monday, September 9, 2013

Olivia Senior Photos

I'm also a bit behind on my Photography Sneak Peeks.  So I try to catch those up that don't follow me on Facebook.

Olivia is a natural to the camera.  We headed out to find some brick per Olivias request.  We found brick and lots of it.  While I was taking this shot I could hear someone talking but not like from in front of me or behind me it was above us.  Now we are at the church/school so it was kinda weird that I'm hearing my name from above in this area.

Finally I see a Photographer friend on the roof with the priest from the church.  She was doing a shoot for the church and he wanted her on the roof hanging over the edge.  She wouldn't do it so he yells over to see if I would hang over the edge.  I told him just to hang onto her ankles and she'd be fine.  A bit later you can still hear her "Connie it's high up here", "Connie it's really high up here" as she's just peering over the edge.  

Oliva rocked the hard structures. 

Such intense eyes she has

She then wanted the grassy field look so we head a ways down the street that had late sunshine and a small narrow patch of long grass right next to the highway.  You wouldn't even know we were still in town.  

Such a beautiful girl inside and out.  More of Olivia to come when we do her indoor photos.

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