Monday, August 26, 2013

Family Camp at the Cottage

Lynn has been calling our weekend up north "family camp".  

We started out on Friday with just us girls.  John had to work on Saturday morning.  We got up to the cottage at about the same time and got everything settled in.  Water all turned on, campfire going and Lynn's Sub Shop open for business.  The kids played so good that night with their outside toys, we ate Smo'oreos (Oreo's with melted marshmallow inside) and sent them to bed.  I wasn't going to put on more firewood but decided we had another hour at least....... 3 hours later we decided we should probably get to bed.  It was so warm outside and the moon shining over the river was light enough to glow the riverbank.  It was a beautiful night and perfect mother daughter time.

The next day we made the kids favorite breakfast, pancakes.  Then we prepared campfire pizza rolls and sausage hobo meal.  We finally get to take the kids swimming and they loved it.  

This is where they spent the day....... private sand bar.  Elly is growing up too fast, you can tell by her floating in the water and the others playing in the sand.

We made the pizza's for lunch, Adam, Monica and Jr came up for the afternoon, we put the kids down for naps and Lynn and I went kayaking.  John took us two minutes up the road and we kayaked for an hour down the river.  There are a few low spots that we had to walk through and an obstacle rock course that was so much fun.  

When we got back Elly wanted to learn how to kayak so badly but with the current in the river I didn't think she would be able to stop/turn/and stay in this area..... but I let her and coached her how to do it.  She was on her own in like 10 minutes.  You could wipe the smile off her face.

The rest of the kids were content playing on the sand bar

and swimming.....

We spent most of the day in the water but had to get them out for supper.  

Here is grandpa John with Mally and Max on his dad's swing.  His dad wanted him to have this swing up there so one day John and him drove it up there so he could see the cottage.  His dad was pretty proud of the place even back then and told him where to put the swing.  It fits up there quite nicely and if I look back into old photos I'm sure I would find Lynn, Shannon and Adam sitting with Grandpa Hemmer on this swing.  

Garrett getting the bird's eye view of the campfire

The kids played really, really hard after their day of swimming on the big hills and more sand piles by the basement.

Elly and Lynn sitting together.... wow they are a lot alike.  

We had some work done to the basement this last week.  You can see the new door and windows, it was a huge improvement, we are already planning the layout for the basement hangout when it's snowing or raining.  

The next day.... we went swimming again.  Here Elly is laying in the sun because I kayaked up the river with her a long ways and then made her jump out of the kayak half way back and swim the rest of the way.  She was a tired little girl and I thought she needed a break before kayaking some more.  She seriously didn't want to quit.

After Elly and I got back with tied the kayak up to mine and I pulled the 3 little ones around......... talk about exercise but they loved it.  I think Lynn took pictures on her phone so I'll have to get one of them for my cottage coffee table book.

More floating

And hours of playing in the sand

While we enjoy the view.

After lunch the kids all left and we cleaned up everything.  We walked across to the sand bar to pick up toys and about 4 hours later walked back.....  

What a memorable weekend at the cottage with family.  Someday I hope my grandchildren have memories like I have going to my grandparents cottage.  Since we added double doors to the basement we could close up the single door but I requested that door stay in.  It has a homemade screen door on it  that bangs shut with a sound that reminds me of Grandma and Grandpas cottage.  I sometimes go in and out that door just to hear it slam shut.  

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Mindy Thomas said...

Connie - this brought tears to my eyes - what a sweet family you have and I am sure your grandbabies will have many amazing memories of the time spent there with you and John. :)