Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Up North Private Beach

Another weekend up north so that means more pictures.... Last year I didn't notice the turtles on this fallen down tree until much later in the year.  This weekend our turtles are back and they brought babies, lots and lots of babies.

Saturday Gayle and I went to shoot a wedding and John spent the day cutting up stumps with Bill.  They got done just before we got back..... there were lots of stumps up there. 

Gayle and I needed an Old Fashion break before we went 4 wheelin' so we sat by the fire in the sun shine.  Gayle quote for the day "This is so beautiful, I could just sit right here and watch the seasons happen".  This is the chair she was sitting it.....

this is the view she was looking at.

I think she's right and I think we will watch the seasons from this chair and each one will be more beautiful than the last.  

Sunday John got a little chainsaw happy and trimmed up some trees.  A few were a bit high for him to reach... don't call the safety guy on us.

I of course was soaking up the sun in the water.  It's not very often John picks up my camera but I guess he did today.  He's so creative :)

Lynn, Jesse and the kids came for the afternoon.  Mally and I went for a kayak ride to get closer to the turtles.  It's not very often that Lynn picks up my camera either but she did.

Mally and Max wanted to go swimming so of course Grandma will take them.  They weren't quite used to the current in the water so we headed for the sand beach.

I left them on their own little island..... don't worry I was right there I just had to grab the sand toys.

Within a few minutes everyone was on the sandy beach with us along with drinks, snacks, chairs.... and even a fire over there.  

We spent all afternoon on our own private little island and the kids played all day long.

Paul is giving Mallory her mermaid details. 

Such a beautiful weekend to spend on the water.

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jules said...

That is sooo me sitting on a chair in the that!