Thursday, August 1, 2013

Elly and Mally Overload

I promised I'd overload you with photos so here they are.  

Here is where I'm explaining to Mally how she has to look into the lens so I can see her pretty eyes.  She bent forward and looked right into the lens.... so cute.

Mally has such an imagination, we were walking along and she grabs a stick and holds it above her head and says "Grandma I got us a flashlight so we can see where we are going"  She held that stick above her head the whole time and would set it down for pictures.  

Should have brought her a lantern.....

Miss El doesn't need much direction, she is a natural.  She just keeps posing in her own little way.  

She sure can rock a serious photo.

Such a tall thin little girl.  Lynn and I were trying to steal her shoes all night.  

Here I think I said something to embarrass her.

She wanted to try a side part with a serious look.... she's quite the girl.

Typical Mallory look.

These girls love to play dress up at my house so I brought along their dress up clothes.  They will go upstairs and play dress up for hours.  Elly is having a good time finding my shoes..... because they are pretty close to fitting her.  Here she has my new pink sandals, I have to make sure they aren't on her feet every time she leaves.

Maxwell wanted his turn too.  Of course when Lynn wanted to dress him cute at home he wanted nothing to do with it.  

Lynn was a bit scared that I put him up on that wall but he did great.  Nothing to worry about momma.

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