Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Elly and Mally

Elly turned 10 in May, hard to believe but we wouldn't change it for the world.  With all our busy schedules and the not so nice weather we had this spring we didn't get her pictures taken until tonight.  

She is growing into a naturally beautiful little girl.  She is pretty plain and doesn't really care about her clothes, hair, shoes.... but she doesn't need to, she looks great in everything.   

I have many other photos to share as I picked a few hundred favorites but it's getting late so one of Miss El will have to do for tonight.   

And Miss Mallory was 4 in June and yep you guessed it..... didn't have time for her pictures either.  So we did both girls tonight.  

Mally did so well, she was all about pictures and came right with me and I think she might have even liked it.  She doesn't like to look into the camera and at this point I think she was day dreaming but of course I loved it.   Lynn found her dress which was perfect for photos and she couldn't wear it until picture day, Mally was thrilled to finally get to wear it.  

Here is the one favorite I have for tonight.

Look out blog I may have photo overload when you see the rest of the photos from tonight.  I have to brag........ these are two of my favorite girls.  

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