Sunday, July 7, 2013

The 4th Up North

I know I'm very behind on blogging things that have been happening here, sneak peeks and many other things that have come and gone.  It's been a busy summer with traveling, photos, work, cottage, painting, gardening.... it's been nuts and something had to get pushed off and bloggin' it was.  We spent our last 4 days up north at the cottage and it couldn't have been more relaxing.  Wednesday night John started out with finishing up a project and I drug out the kayak and went for a spin up the river.  

Thursday Jeff and Deb came up and spent the night with us.  We ate, drank, and sat by the fire.  Then we headed to the lake for a pontoon ride all afternoon.  Back to the cottage and finished the night with stories by the fire.  Late night, great company.

Friday Jeff and Deb had to leave so we went for a kayak ride up and down the river.  We pulled the lawn chairs into the river and drank margaritas.

Saturday we started the day by doing a little shopping for supplies, put the kayaks in up river with Gayle and Bill about 11AM.  This trip we did the week before and it takes one hour to get to our cottage.  Well today it took a bit longer.  We were a bit more prepared.

I only take the little point and shoot with me so these photos are not the best.  

John and Bill having a bit of fun just minutes into our ride.

John had to get the camera so he could get a shot of my sidecart.   Here I am

and here is my sidecart.  Oh yeah remember we were more prepared.

I liked this shot of Bill.  Not sure what he's doing in the weeds but he looks so good in a kayak.  He's so good he even does tricks.

A bridge along the way

I've learned to kayak with my legs out on the top of the kayak.  Makes for a better tan :)

Gayle also kayaks with her legs out and she found a little girls surf board in the weeds and paddled in after it.  She was washing and scrubbing on it while floating so she could bring it back with us.

There is a bear up ahead

Cute isn't he?

Well it's been 2 hours and our backs needed a break so we launched our boats on "out of beer island".  Yep that's right we thought we planned so well this time but that darn cooler isn't big enough for a three hour tour.  The water was perfect for swimming but if you didn't hang on the current would float you away.  Gayle and I were determined to sit on the bottom of the river and stay there.  

It didn't work, our butts floated and bounced on the bottom as we laughed, screamed and had the best time ever.   A ways up stream there was a rocky obstacle course we came through so we headed back up to stand on a couple that were sticking out of the water.

Gayle launched her kayak right on top of one of the rocks coming through there.  She was stuck on the top leaning back and forth.... almost ready to tip over and then there comes John and smucks right into the side of her holding her up and jarred her off the rock.  Of course Bill and I are doing just fine weaving and bobbing inbetween the rocks.  Bill and John even got into it, had anyone else seen us they would have thought we were teenagers. 

So 3 some hours later we finally get back to the cottage and dry out in the sun.  We had a snack and a few more drinks and then we dared Bill to ride his kayak down the hill into the water since he's so proud of the tricks he can do.  Well he did it.  Here is Bill starting his ride

He's moving now...

Oh no he got stuck before the water so Gayle and John had to give him a push and off he goes again.

Darn slow point and shoot camera I didn't get the action going into the water but he launched it like a pro.  

So what do we do?  Another 3 hours playing in the water.  Gayle and I took our lawn chairs way out there so only our heads were sticking out and the current picks up your chair little by little and you have to walk it back and try again.  

Sunday back in the river all day long.  Paul and Kathy came up and spent many hours getting wet. 

John likes to bump his kayak into me all the time.

Everyone we meet says we have the best lot on the river.  Here is one neighbors river view.  Lots of stairs and no shore.

The other neighbor.  Great view but no shore.  They come over by us to put in or take out their kayaks.

And then this is ours.  Great view and lots of shore.

Man I love this place.  

I think this weekend we realized what we have and we can't wait to share it with as many family and friends as we can. 

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