Monday, July 15, 2013

Baby A is 3 months

Baby A is 3 months already, hard to believe he's growing so fast.  

Baby A really is a good little boy, he rarely cries and likes to be snuggled but also likes to be by himself.  He's doing pretty good at sitting up but needs a little help when he's sitting outside.

Here is my boy and he's so darn cute.

This is Adam's wagon so of course we had to use it.

Daddy and his little boy.  

This little boy is going to grow up outside in the sand, gravel, dirt, grass..... his mommy and daddy are not afraid to get dirty, I can't wait to see how dirty this little man gets when they are out in the garage wrenching on whatever they wrench on.   Baby A already sits nice and comfy in a stack of firewood.

Tummy time is getting better.

Such a cute little family

He loves his momma

Had to get some naked baby shots of this cute little guy.

Man I love this face

Getting tired, taking pictures is hard work

Two Adams in a picture for Grandma Great

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