Saturday, July 27, 2013

July Photo Club

I am so far behind on blogging it's amazing you're still coming back here, but if you are thank you.  I hardly remember what I haven't shared but hopefully I can go back and fill you in.  

After Jazzed Up Junk Sale was done it was July Photo Club so I rush out of one place to rush to another, my life lately has been rush, rush, rush.... but once I got there I forgot that I was exhausted.  Our main goal was to capture the lights at night but of course we walked the animal barns while we waited for it to get dark.  

Mr Sheep thought he needed to climb over his pen.

This goat was so cute with his long piece of grass hanging out of his mouth.

This little boy was loving this little goat.  

The sun shining in the barns was so pretty

Of course I had to get Casey in the bright doorway.  She's always willing to pose for us.

This sign was hanging on one of the horses pens, YIKES!!

I loved the horses but the pens and lighting made it difficult to get many shots of them.  This guy happened to be on the end of the barn with the door open.

This girl was standing on a stool to braid her horses mane.  I love her boots

The horse being so patient

The braider

Next was the chicken and rabbit barn.  

When we walked out of the barns the sky was amazing.

Of course Casey posed for us again.

It's finally getting dark enough and we head for the rides.  The ferris wheel was so slow and not very lit up but we messed around with it for awhile.

Then since the ferris wheel wasn't the look I wanted I found the scrambler and I almost peed my pants. Not really but I think all us girls were squealing louder than the kids on the ride.  

Such a fun group of girls to be with.  

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