Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Little Mister Sneak Peak

Mister Bennett is 6 months already and farm life is in his future.  There is something about farms that make everything interesting to use as a background, I don't care how messy or muddy items are they just fit.  Little Mister didn't really like sitting on the ground yet so we had to find him his own little personal platform.  

The wood pile was a good sunblock.

If Shannon and I remember right we think Madelyn was a tongue sticker-outer at this age.  There aren't many smiles without that little tongue coming out.

I absolutely love this one.  This is their life, farming in the open fields with the bright blue skies above them and their children being the center of their lives.  Farming is hard work for them but children grow fast and they treasure every moment they have with them.  Little Madelyn already knows more about planting, selling calves, scarping poop and knowing the difference between a cow and a heifer.  

I wanted to document the season we are having right now for them.  I'm not sure what's planted, if anything, in this field but it looks like they are on the beach.  Certainly not typical for July 1st.

A couple of kids in the oats planter....

The oats bags.....

Okay I love this truck and Madelyn did such a good job taking care of Little Bennett up there by themselves.

Another photo with meaning for them.  The farm in the background is theirs, the sun was way too bright to face me and have it in the background so opted to have them play airplane instead.

Of course Madelyn wants to play too.

Their beautiful home with that lush new lawn, if anythings helped them this summer it's been perfect grass growing season.

One beautiful family inside and out.

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Anonymous said...

No matter the location, you always seem to find the perfect setting. I love the faded pic with the kids in the old truck! Sort of like an updated 'old' picture.