Sunday, July 21, 2013

Gracie and Alaina's Birthday Month

Alaina turns 1 this month and she's so gosh darn cute.  

Big Sister Gracie turns 3 this month and she cracked me up.  Such an adventurous little girl.

Also a pretty little girl but I certainly had to work for the smiles.  

I love this one.

She was in a trance for awhile since she couldn't get down and she isn't walking yet.

Gracie taking a moment to watch the fishes.

Getting a family picture was tough.  Alaina had enough and Gracie was wiggly and tired of waiting for her sister to calm down.  At one point mom says "just take it this is our life right now"  So I did and I love it.  You can see the toys and sippy cup we used to try to make her happy.... didn't work.

Ice cream was the treat after we were done.  I had this vision of messy girls in their pretty dresses so I tagged along.  Of course spending more time with the girls and their mom was pretty easy to do.

Love these girls and I kept saying.  "so sweet" and mom kept saying "that's not really what I'm thinking right now".

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