Monday, August 5, 2013

Pig in the Pines 2013

One of my favorite weekends just got wrapped up.  We had such a blast again this year, it's always a good time spent with the neighbors up north.  We started out Friday night with supper at a bar and there was a situation going on in there that had us rolling on the ground laughing.  A german woman walked through the bar while a drunk man was singing very loudly and in mid song he shouts "holy {insert naughty f word} it's raining out?"  This woman was drenched and wearing a rain coat.  It wasn't raining.... the rest of the story would just sound crazy so we'll just stop it here.

We spent Saturday and Sunday on the pontoon.  
Our favorite place to be

I can't take credit for this photo.  I handed the camera to Paul and he took this one during one of our beach landings.  I love the shot.... Brad was splashing his son Adam.

Love the guy fishing in his kayak.

Loons pretty close to us.

And then we got really super close to an eagle perched in a tree.  He's sitting with his back to us but his head can almost spin all the way around.

Then he took off.  Such a beautiful bird.

We also went to Pig in the Pines and had fantastic ribs.  I ate a couple bits of funnel cake for the very first time.  Seriously I've never tasted a funnel cake and it was my new best friend....................  
Until the beer on top of it made it grow twice as big in my stomach.......... 
I will never eat funnel cake again. 

Miserable for a few hours but nothing a few drinks and laughter couldn't fix.

It was a great weekend, we didn't starve and certainly kept ourselves hydrated.  

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