Sunday, August 11, 2013

Up North Nature Walk

A busy weekend at the cottage in a short time.  We headed up north on Friday afterwork, we had a few jobs to do.  Friday night we needed to get the bathroom sink put back together so we could turn on the water.  John and the neighbor went up a few weeks ago to install a new faucet.... well they came home with the faucet not installed and the entire sink in the back of the truck.  Let's just say they got a bit carried away and needed more parts to put everything back together.  

Putting the sink back together was a bit interesting and a little wet but we got it in plenty of time to sit by the water for a bit before it was too dark.  I haven't taken pictures there for awhile so I decided to get out the camera and take night photos of the river. 

There was a tree that had hundreds of birds in it and they would swoop at the water, I tried to get a photo of them so I could zoom up to see what they were.  They were quite far away and it was pretty dark so this is the best I could get.  

John and I think they are Cedar Waxwings

Saturday morning we got more jobs checked off the list.  I poly'ed the livingroom and dining room floors, John cleaned the insulation off the heat pipes in the basement, I primed one of the rooms and we managed to sit by the fire for a few hours enjoying the afternoon sunshine.  I grabbed my camera again for a little nature walk.  I'm not a sitter....... I do much better up north cuz there's not quite as many distractions for me :)

It took lots of convincing each other that we had to leave Saturday afternoon since we had some things to do back home.  It was a great weekend, we got lots done at the cottage and at home. 

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful Nature Pics! FYI: Those were cedar waxwings.