Sunday, December 15, 2013

Cookie Baking with the G-kids

Many years ago we used to have cookie baking day at my sister Starla's house, all us brothers and sisters and our kids would go over to her house and bake cookies ALL DAY LONG.  I'm not sure when we started this tradition but we did have a couple years when mom was still alive so it's been awhile ago.  We stopped cookie baking a few years back when our kids got older and were moving away and having their own children and the family was just getting to big.  

Lynn was always a fan of the cookie baking day so this year she had her own cookie baking day.  Of course she invited Starla and Brad and Gayle and Bill to join us.  It wouldn't be the same without them. My dad has a sister that we call Aunt Sis and she would come to our cookie baking and bring egg salad sandwiches, so inviting Lynn's aunts she thought she might get some famous egg salad sandwiches.  

Lynn's newly remolded house is perfect for entertaining and baking as a group.  The kids were great, they were such helpers with every step.  The first step was unwrapping the kisses.  

Uncle Bill getting there and Uncle Brad (you can see Brad's hand in the upper right corner).  There was lots of unwrapping to do and I don't think any of them snitched the chocolate.  

Gayle is such a great kid person, she loves letting them help with even the messiest jobs.  Her cookie was a double chocolate something that they had to roll into balls.  Of course she lets them all help her.

And she lets Jr season the baking sheets.  

Max isn't a fan of being dirty so this took a lot for him to have his hands messy.  It wasn't long before he was finding me to wash him up.  

Garrett's a bit cleaner than Max.

Jr had to go spend some time with the boys before lunch

After 5 other cookies we finally get to the cut outs.  This is a favorite of the family.  Gayle and I roll dough for the kids and let them cut whatever, where ever they want.  We had a few interesting cookies and rolled the dough a few more times than we would have had to.

Elly really does a good job letting her brother have more turns than her.

Of course Gayle lets Max and Mally roll their own dough.

Yep dirty again, after this process I had to strip him down to his underwear.

Jr might not have got to help cut cookies but he was right there grabbing everything he could.  

Frosting is the next process, Jr is now off for a nap and I'm not sure what happened to Garrett that he has a wet head..... crazy kids.

Max hopped up on the chair and grab the spoon in the frosting and took a big bite like it was pudding.  Lynn - No Max you can't eat it
Max - then do I dip it?
Lynn - No Max you don't dip the cookies you frost them

Lynn showing Max how to frost cookies

Garrett with his wet head doing a fine job of frosting.

Mallory might be a bit like her momma....... everything has to be lined up.  

Look how tall Elly is getting, she's almost as tall as Gayle.

After a few cookies were frosted we kicked the kids outside with Jesse for a 3 wheeler/sled ride.

In 1978 John bought a brand new 3 wheeler, he was 14 and it was her pride and joy.  He rode that thing everywhere.  When we got married he left the 3 wheeler on the farm with his dad.  Gilbert used the heck out of that thing and when he sold the farm he rode it out at the hunting shack.  When Adam was like 10 he asked Grandpa what he was going to do with the 3 wheeler and Grandpa told him he could buy it....... so we paid John's dad for the 3 wheeler so Adam could have it.    LOL
Adam drove what life was left in the wheeler out, he rode it until he bought a dirt bike and then the wheeler sat and took up space in the garage.  John wanted it out of the garage and Jesse said he'd take it.  Well they lived in Oregon at the time so his brother stored it for a few years.  Jesse got the wheeler out of his brothers storage and had it restored, today was the unveiling.  John had to work so he didn't get to see it.  It looks like the life is right back in it again and Mally and Max will have the chance to ride the heck out of it.  Max says......... grandpas little wheeler doesn't go very fast.  LOL

Here are the kids on the sled

And the restored wheeler.  (Couldn't get Maggie to get out of the way) :)

The kids had a blast with wheeler and sled and knowing that it came from Grandpa's hard earned money (twice) makes it that much more special.

We all loved our cookie baking day, these are the memories the holidays are made of.   Thank you Lynn for hosting the baking, you were a great host.

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