Tuesday, March 4, 2014

More Senior Photos

When Senior boys dislike getting their photos taken they put off their yearbook photos until their mothers threthen them….. so then it's time to beg the yearbook staff to sneak one last photo in…. good thing he's cute and a smooth talker.  Now let's get this checked off his list. 

He did so well and even told me he had a great time.  I love it when you can make those minds turn around about photos of themselves.  

I graduated with his dad and looking at Alan through my lens was like looking back into my High School days.  If there wasn't 30 some years in between them they would be twins.  

When he brought out the hunting props his comfort level increased.

And even with the below zero temperatures we braved the cold and it was worth it.  Snowboarding is his life and when you have your Senior photos taken it is about you.

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