Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Baby A has change to Little A

Our Baby A has had his first birthday and even though I could call him baby A a lot longer I'm sure he would like me to not call him a baby forever.  So he's my Little A now.  

Adam and Monica had his birthday party with all the family and they did a fantastic job.  When we first got there Little A was sleeping and this is the note his mommy wrote for him when he woke up.  So sweet. 

He was having a sock monkey birthday complete with a bunch of balloons that all the other kids liked better than him.

We had pizza and Jr loved it.  He even wore a sock monkey outfit.  

Jr is loved by everyone, he seriously is the best baby ever and everyone enjoys having him sit on their lap.  He goes from one person to the next to the next and smiles at everyone all day long.  His birthday was spent with so many people that mean a lot to Adam, Monica and Jr.  

Including Josh who can't get enough of Jr........... and Adam.

We had a little entertainment....... don't leave Max alone in the bathroom or he'll find you no matter where you are.

Little A had cupcakes and wanted to touch it so it's a bit far away as we sing Happy Birthday to him.  

This little man loves his mommy so much, he listens to her and you can tell that she means the world to him.  

And daddy is on the same level.  Jr loves his daddy too.  Watching them together totally melts my heart.  Raising your children to be great parents is the most rewarding thing in the world and we've accomplished that with all 3 of our children.  They are all amazing mommy's and daddy's.

I've been teaching Jr how to blow out his candles but now that the moment has come he can't do it.  A little help from mommy and daddy is needed.

Now it's time to eat the cake and he has no interest in it.

He was more interested in playing with it than eating it.

His grandpa Dave and grandpa John were sitting there and he did this to them every once in a while. 

Present time.

We had a great time celebrating his 1st birthday even though it seems impossible for a year to have passed already.  He has been a joy to all of us and can't wait to watch his personality unfold.

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Anonymous said...

Can't believe he's 1! Where did the year go?! I can't wait to see his 'personality unfold' either! I'm sure he will be just like his daddy! ;)