Tuesday, March 4, 2014

POTW - Week 10 - Glass

POTW Week 10 is Glass.

I'm just pulling these words for the week out of thin air.  At the beginning of the month I give the photo club the POTW schedule and to think of the words is already challenging.  I was sitting on my laptop on the couch and seen this…. ok the Glass it is.

I like to paint vases and bottles, distress them and then wax.  If you think they look cool you should feel them…. they are pretty awesome.  In the summertime they have flowers in them but for the winter months they are empty and looking pretty all by themselves.  Well the chippy old green table they are sitting on helps to make them look pretty.

More bottles…. yeah I have a thing for colored glass.  These were bright blue and I love them.

My glass green pear is a favorite of mine.  Of course found at a thrift store for a quarter.

These cold days make us run the pellet stove without cleaning it very often.  I'm not used to looking at it this dirty but warm is better than pretty right now.

My front door….. I had to have it.  I love the glass,all the different textures in it, and the shapes.  

You can't really see through it unless you look through the center square, like this...

There's my glass for the POTW - what glass can you find?

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