Monday, March 17, 2014

Up North Visitors, More Snow, and More Paint

This last weekend we got to head up north on a Friday night.  We arrived just before dark and of course all the snow that was on the roof was now on our sidewalk.  The snow was packed tight and we couldn't shovel it so up and down the hills it was.  

At the top of this hill you had to duck to get under the roof.

View out the door of the snow that fell off the roof.  I will be so happy when all this white stuff is gone and there are campers out there and water to float in.

Saturday morning sky looking out the patio door.

It was snowing again but sitting here soaking up the sunshine made it not seem that bad. 

Friday night when we arrived we had to wait for 3 deer to leisurely walk off the driveway and head into the woods.  Saturday night we were getting ready to go out for supper and these 3 were checking out the place.  They circled us and from the looks of their trails they do this a lot.  

I shot these out the window and this little guy didn't want to leave.

Saturday I primed and painted cupboard doors and Sunday morning John hung them.  Everything is painted, now we will add a full sized fridge and some kind of counter where the stove is supposed to be.  I really don't want a stove right now since we have learned to cook everything with either the grill or electric frying pan but I don't want to permanently cover the area.  After all I am the queen of preparing chips and salsa for supper and who needs a stove for that.  I'm thinking a fun dresser or high table and maybe even cut a hole in the wall into the dining area.  But for now it's fine just the way it is. 

Floors are next...... we just have to decide what.

And my vision for a little cottage charm with vintage small plates hung on the walls is starting to happen.  I like it and John doesn't say a word...... I know he hates it but he loves me too much to tell me.  What better use for beer can tabs than to epoxy them to the back of the plates for hangers and he's okay with me asking him to drink another one.  

I already have the next room plans in my head..... 
starts with primer and ends with vintage sheet music.  

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