Monday, March 10, 2014

Little Ava is 5

My neice brings her little girl to me every year for her birthday photos.  Ava loves to get her pictures taken and she talks about it for days and tells everyone.  This year she didn't like me lights, they hurt her eyes so she sheilded her eyes but I loved that look.   

When I teased her about shielding her eyes she got all shy and put her hands over her head….. oh yeah little girl you are my dream and all natural.  

Her mom and grandma always come with some pretty awesome clothes for her to wear, this year was no different.  She got a new frilly skirt that she loved to twirl in so twirl she did for awhile.

She's a girl all about the details.  She has her new dress and purse and just as we're talking she jumps up and wants mom's bracelets.  

Having your pictures taken is hard work and when you're almost 5 you can get tired.  Mom thought we were done at this point.

But she had a little break and came back like a rock star.  

Then we were done again but I talked her into just a couple more and she didn't want anything in her hair.  I had to do some talking to get her to not smile but she aced it.

Then she had a hat that we forgot about and came back for a few more.  

Oh and she wanted pictures taken with her dolly.  She reads to Lucy all the time so of course that's how she should remember her.  Lucy was lost for a few days and thankfully she found her under the bed just before they came up.  

I had a photo is mind and a trip to my closet we made it happen.   
I love shoes and little girls should walk around in fun shoes 

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