Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall Family Sneak Peek

This weekend was beautiful for weather and color which means a huge bonus to all those that had their photo sessions booked in advance.  Every year you can almost count on this weekend to be peak color so mark your calendars for next year if you want this beautiful background for your next family photos.    I started out with this beautiful family, they wanted fun casual shots to showcase who they are.  

They did a great job of wearing clothes that aren't the same color but they all compliment each other and look great in a grouping.  If you want the photos to look casual dress your family like you would if you were going on a family hiking trip.  Everyone will look and appear more casual.  Dressing in layers is also a great look for fall photos.

The kids were laughing and talking but the sun was so bright in this area..... I still love the look of them interacting and having fun. 

And of course all mom's like the shot with the kids walking away by themselves.  I can't resist them either, they usually end up on my favorites.  Having a 16x20 like this would last a long time up on your wall.

I didn't get very far in these photos and I already have lots of favorites but this next one I'm loving.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful morning with me.


arturlington said...

The leaves are turning here too! Feel free to come this way and take pics

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great morning, jsut wish Alex was more cooperative!