Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Miss El's School Pictures

Miss El even has to wait for her sneak peeks.  She came over for school pictures, she is in 3rd grade this year..... WOW... where is the time going?   She has such a carefree fun attitude, she loves coming over by Grandma's house and really loves spending the night.  Doesn't matter what day of the week or what time she comes here her question before she leaves is always the same.  "Grandma {as she snuggles really close} can I spend the night...... please?"  Her and I got to spend time together taking her pictures and I let her in charge of everything.  She could stand however she wanted, smile if she wanted and she would even tell me how to take the pictures.  She really only wanted one outfit but mom made her bring a couple more choices.  

Wearing her cute owl necklace.  This family has been owl crazy lately.

Here is her one outfit that she wanted.  This is the dress that I bought her when we went school shopping.  This dress cannot be worn outside grandma's house, mom says "NO".  Grandma says she looks so darn cute in it, but agrees with mom.  She's a little girl and needs to stay a little girl for as long as we can keep her one.

This photo is certainly Grandma's favorite, this is her look.  I think she was trying to convince me to be done so we could go play a game.

A special collage for my little girl in her dress she absolutely LOVES.

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Anonymous said...

Love the pictures--Ellyn sure knows how to pose! I FINALLY got to see the dress too! Elaine