Thursday, November 17, 2011

Garrett the Tool Boy

Garrett-Man had his 3 year photos taken in the most natural Garrett look ever.  If you go over to his house he's wearing his safety goggles pretending to use his tools on anything he can find.  I'm not sure where he gets his love for carpentry tools but Grandma is hoping it continues.  I could really use a carpenter that would do anything for his grandma and maybe, just maybe he'll have a love for junk too.  A girl can dream right?

There's my Garrett-Man with his big ole' smile.  After we were done and he was given the 10 minute warning I said "wanna snuggle with grandma until you have to go?" and he hopped right up into my arms and we snuggled on the couch.  He is my snuggler but you have to be able to snuggle in burst cuz he's a mover too.

He sat up on this chair, which I found on one of my adventures for FREE, and told me a story about the new baby at daycare.  I really love taking photos of my own grandkids because it gives me time with just them.  Usually they are all together or in groups of two so when it's one on one it's a special time for them with Grandma.

And during our time together I tried to teach him how to make fish lips.  This is as close as we got... gotta love a monkey boy with fish lips.

He's also getting to be Grandpa's little boy, he'll follow Grandpa everywhere.  They have already had a couple of adventures out to the hunting shack (without mommy) and that's amazing and doesn't happen with anyone.  Momma is a little sad that it's happening but Grandpa is lovin' it.

Love you my little G-Man.  

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