Thursday, October 6, 2016

Josh is a Senior

Where does the time go?  I keep asking myself that every time someone grows up in front of my lens.  Josh is our Godchild and he might not have grown up in front of my lens but his mother and I share this photography craze together and she has burned up a lot of film (yes film) and digital pixels on this kid.  I watch and admired waiting for my chance when he turned a Senior............ it wasn't supposed to happen so quickly. 

Josh lives about a mile away from us and he stops in once in awhile just to say hi.  He is such a nice boy (man) and we love to hear his stories.

Boys start out their sessions with not wanting very many photos and then thankfully they realize it's not so bad.  Josh was a great sport.  Having a camera in his face his whole life was something he must have gotten used to.  

Josh chose the Hemmer Hunting Cabin for a location, it was a perfect cloudy day for some great shots in any direction.  This junk pile might be an eyesore in real life but it made a great prop for his pictures.  

The Hemmer's have a tendency to scowl a bit and cause Hemmer Eyebrows..... Josh has the same look as those Hemmer's when he's not smiling, which isn't very often.  The sun was just starting to come out at the end of our session which helped to give Josh nice rim lighting.

We love you Josh and we wish you the best in your last year of High School.  You're an amazing kid and we couldn't be more proud to call you our Godson.  

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