Monday, September 5, 2016

Beach Photos, Dance and The End

At the reception we were right next to this amazing beach and lake..... it was cold so no-one got to enjoy it.  When we went to scope out this location the sun was setting right on this beach and I wanted sunset photos...... well I got beachy, cloudy, misty photos.  Can't get everything that you want right?

How could this smile get any bigger?

Then the wedding party joined us.  

Goof balls!!!

Their first dance.

Someone decided he didn't like mommy and daddy dancing so he stood there by them....

I got Jr to come sit by me so they could have their dance.

Not for long though...... but they really didn't mind.

NO kissing!!!

Then Monica got to dance with Jr 

 Then her dad.

Then I danced with Adam.  

This son of ours has a very tender heart, he's been through a lot, they've been through a lot, we've been through a lot. 

I was taught family is important, I was taught family is tough, I was shown love as my parents stood by my side when I didn't even think I needed them, I learned God has a plan for all of us and we need to trust Him.  I found out that I suck at being strong.  

But together we make great family memories.

This is the end of the wedding photos.  If you made it this far, thank you.  It was an amazing wedding everyone who attended looked like they had a great time and Monica and Adam were speechless with the love they felt from everyone.  

Our Saturday night ended with a fantastic campfire of stories, snorting games, jokes, and so many laughs our sides hurt.

Sunday we had food and drinks to finish so we went to Adam and Monica's house.  It was a sunny warm day and we sat outside for hours.  One of their neighbors came into the field behind their house to cut down the wheat.  All of a sudden I seen a dragonfly circling above our little group and I thought about my wish for a sign from our family in heaven.  Then I seen another one, and another one, and soon there was about fifty dragonflies circling our group.  As you looked at the farmer in the field he was surrounded by dragonflies and they were flying from him to us.  I might not have gotten my sign at the wedding but this sign was loud and clear that our weekend was over but they are all still here watching over us.  

Weddings are certainly special and everyone needs their special day and everyone will be different, there will aways be love, there will aways be family and their will always be those signs if you just open your heart.

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