Thursday, September 1, 2016

Wedding Day 2

The original wedding plans were for a small Friday afternoon ceremony with grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews..... then have everyone else join us for the reception the next day at a campground that Monica camped at while she was growing up with her family.  

Then a few more people got invited and then a few more and then the location changed so a few more got invited and simple turned into my version of simple, which isn't simple but I seriously could have taken it further but didn't if I knew what was good for me.

So Saturday's Reception was going to be the celebration part of the wedding with a few more family and friends.  And that it was.  We headed over to the campground on Friday after the last guest left and gathered around the fire with both families.  We spent the night in Lynn and Jesse's camper and got up Saturday morning to run home for a quick shower.  Here is John and I for Wedding Day 2.

We still had to keep the guest list small due to the number of people allowed in the pavilion and with 2 very large families we couldn't invite everyone but we did the best we could without hurting anyone's feelings.  

My great nieces are twins and full of all kinds of energy and I have to say they love their Auntie Connie and need to be touching me, teasing me, playing with me, hanging on me and most of the time giggling with me.  I decided to get us all together with my cell phone..... that was a big job.

We all have the same mouths........ open all the time.  

They are pretty special to me so if they want to hang on me and be silly with me I will let them.

Monica didn't wear her dress right away at the ceremony site but she did go back to the campers and put it on later.  It was so funny to see this white dress walking through the woods but I never grabbed my camera soon enough to get that.  

The ceremony location was beautiful next to the lake.  It was a little cool that day but it was supposed to rain and it never did so we'll take a little cool.

Tried to corral Andee from running whenever we could.

If you were cold this fire was all you needed to keep you warm.  

The supper was a pig roast where the whole pig was roasted and brought to the ceremony fully intact.  Ellie dressed him up in his shades and beach towel.  

He was the main attraction, every guest was in this room looking at the pig, asking questions, and taking pictures.  

Of course the bride should control the pig.

The caterer carved one little hole in the side and all the meat came out through that hole and the pigs outsides stayed the same.  

Most unique wedding photo ever........???

The meal was beyond delicious, it was amazing.  We had so many compliments on the food and thank yous for the invite to be able to share it with us.  

Join me with the next post when I share pictures of them on the beach, and the dancing.  

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