Monday, July 13, 2015

The night before Baby Girl A

We're back from vacation and I have lots of adventures to share with you but more important stuff is happening before I do that.

Tomorrow is the day we get to meet our 7th grandchild.  The day and time are planned so of course this grandma can pop in and do a mini photoshoot of the last night as a family of three.  Jr has seemed so big lately, he certainly is a smart little man and follows right in his daddy's footsteps.   I do like his smile but I also like his stern face.  It started to rain as soon as I got there so the garage door will have to do.

His little smile melts my heart.

Their happiness is showing through in their faces as they prepare for baby girl.

We had to wait out another rain storm so I used the garage door opening again but this time I was in the garage and blew out the opening while Jr and Monica played in the puddle under the gutters.

Another break in the storm and there was raspberry picking.

One more time we got pelted with rain but after this one the sun came out and helped to give this momma her pre-baby glow.

Stay tuned for the details and I'm sure lots of photos of baby girl A.

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