Friday, June 19, 2015

My Gas Plant Bit Me...... Bad

So my Gas Plant Flower bit me.... also known as Dictamnus.  This is a flower I've had in my gardens for years.   It's very pretty and I love it.  My sister Starla got burned from it a few years ago when she cut it down for the fall it's juices got onto her arms and burned the skin.  We didn't really know what it was but after a few DNR, forestry husband and doctor visits they concluded it to be from the Gas Plant.  They see this very often from Wild Parsnip that grows in the ditches when people try to cut down the long grasses.  However since we know about this burning that can occur when cut I'm okay with leaving it in my garden and just being careful when cutting it down. 
Wednesday night I'm out weeding in the gardens, it's a beautiful afternoon the sun is shining and it's warm.... perfect weather for me (and the angry gas plant). 
Thursday I get a bug bite on my leg, that turns into two or three.... I don't think to much of it until Thursday night when I think I should take an allergy pill before going to bed.  I put on smartwool black socks that go up to my knees and long yoga pants..... sleep comfortable and snuggly warm..... perfect for me (and the angry gas plant)
Morning comes and I call Starla..... ummmmm what do I look for when the gas plant bites you?  Yep I think I have it.  Go to the doctor for a burn cream to apply and I should be good, caught it in time not like Starla and let it get worse for a week......
Here is day 2 before the trip to the doctor

Weekend was super busy I don't have time to fuss over this issue so I ignore as much as possible.  Put burn cream on and hope for the best as the sore start to turn into puss pockets and ooze yellow puss down my legs uncontrollably. 
Well by Sunday when it's really bad I hosted a family party at our house so no time for doctor visit, Monday will have to do.
Here is Monday morning Day 5  Can't wear pants, they itch like crazy I can't sleep..... taking 3 Advil every 4 hours for the entire weekend just to not itch the skin off my legs.

Doctor visit and she gave me medicine and a wrinkled up nose..... aren't they pretty?
Day 6, still getting worse

Showing progression and it occurs to me my legs are disgusting and not getting any better.

Still very painful and I read on line that if you got this you just ruined your summer...... great!!
Day 7 - starting to dry up a bit but still progressing 
The point of entry was my left leg and I am keeping a closeup sequence of it.  From what we researched the plant gives off the same liquid through it's flowers as it did when my sister Starla cut it.  That is how I got this, I just simply passed by it in the flower bed and it hit both my legs on the inside.  IT BIT ME......

On Sunday my sisters were determined to burn this plant.  It is suppose to flame up when it's flowering (why it's called Gas Plant) but we could not get anything to happen or we were just to afraid of it.  See my reflection in the ball on the fence standing waaaaaaaay back..... yep it bit me and I'm afraid of it.  

Not sure how we'll get this nasty bugger out of the garden (the baby one in the top left corner is the actual one that bit me) but it's way to dangerous for the grandkidsthat LOVE to pick flowers everytime they come over so as soon as it's done with the flowers I put my hazmat suit on and dig that sucker out and let it lay in the hot sun until it's dead.....
Lesson learned the hard way.... if you have this get a hazmat suit and get rid of it

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