Sunday, June 7, 2015

Up North and Storms

We've been doing a few things up north but I've been slacking in the picture taking area.  We laid the carpet in the living room..... we didn't secure it yet since I've gotten  the okay to paint the fake brick wall and I want to be able to peel the carpet back when I do that.  But until then it still makes a huge difference.  We spend ZERO time in this room so the carpet should last a looooonnnnggg time.   After the carpet the room got a little brighter, it got a little cozier and we actually sat in this room for a bit.  I might need to buy a couch now.  

Even the old mis-matched furniture doesn't look all that bad.   After the bricks are painted the furniture will be next.  Before the carpet I could have cared less about any of it.   

This weekend our friends and neighbors came up with us.  We had a great time eating, drinking, pontooning, eating, drinking, wing tasting, rib judging, and bar hopping with them.  We had a long Saturday but after a huge breakfast on Sunday morning Jeff felt bad for me having to put up with the refrigerator handles being the wrong side so he offered to change them.... and then made John help him.  

I painted a chalkboard on the pantry door and started keeping the outside temperature on it.  Needed a photo so I could erase and start over.

Also a chalkboard on the closet door with a fun summer drawing.  

Not sure what the hammer is for.... maybe John was smarting off.

Sunday night we watched a storm roll in and since I've been bad with the photo area lately I thought I'd get it out and capture the moment.  

The storm was short but the rain and cold winds forced us inside.  

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