Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Family of 2....... then 5...........

These kids were so excited about having their picture taken........

Aren't they all adorable?

This was a new location for me so finding good spots was on the fly....... I stumbled across a section in the creek/river that had rocks you could walk out to with a shallow pool of water in front.  My first thought when I seen it was REFLECTION..... but how am I going to get on the other side of it.  Sun was behind them and a fun building in the background as well.  I had the oldest boy walk out there and I climbed through the woods to find a location to stand..... Yep it was going to work just like I envisioned in my head.  So the rest of the family got to the location and I swatted bugs, and prayed for no wood ticks to crawl up my pants leg.  The efforts on their part and mine were totally worth it.

Another location that made me squeal when I seen it.... I've been loving the sun kissed backgrounds and couldn't be more pleased with it.

Here's another version on the sun kissed background....

By the time we got to the end all three of them were ready to run and play.  

The story in short.... girl finds boyfriend she wants to marry, he asked her to marry him, they make plans for their wedding, they took on all three children at the same time a year and half ago.... wedding got delayed....... instant family and they are rocking it.

She is amazing for her momma skills with instant family but he's just as amazing for sharing her with them and being a great role model.  I could have listened to her all night long.

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