Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Flowers and more flowers

Spring has sprung and flowers happened.  

Last year in a wind storm we lost 2 of our flowering crab apple trees, which happen to be a favorite of mine even though my nose and eyes feel differently.  The only one left is the one the kids gave me a few years ago for my birthday and mothers day.  It couldn't be more beautiful so of course I needed to get some pictures and bokeh.  

The worst flower for mine and John's allergies is the lilac, they must stay outside.  But they certainly are very pretty.

The tulips are just about done, they may be one of my favorites.

Pink forget me knots - The start out pink and turn to blue.

Last fall I got some of the gardens cleaned up and this Sunday I got them mulched.  So happy with the results even though it hurts me to throw all those flowers away.   I still have many more to go so if you need flowers come on over I am throwing them away by the wheelbarrows full.  

Globe Flower makes a dramatic yellow appearance.  This is the one of the only flowers that stayed where I planted it and didn't have babies everywhere..... just for that I love you globeflower, you are a good plant.

More pictures of the crab apple tree, it's hardly showing any leaves.

With my walk around the yard for color I just had to capture the orange pot lid that I found at a second hand store.  When you find color that fits in the garden you have to buy it, even if it's a pot lid.  Think outside the box :)

Bleeding heart being all cute and stuff.....

Saturday mornings are for bringing flowers in the house.  Spring must be pink in my gardens.

A few dramatic clouds with a bright sun peeking through.

A little sunburst to make a fun photo with my lanterns hanging in the tree.  

Even though I've showed you these flowers a million times I hope you enjoy them again as they make their 2015 appearance.  Every spring as the flowers start to appear it makes me think of my mother in her last months.  She was very sick and couldn't go outside anymore so when us girls would come to sit with her one of our jobs was to walk around her gardens and bring in whatever flower was blooming so she could see them. This was something we had to do daily because mom insisted that things were changing and new flowers were blooming....  I was pretty young and didn't have the garden itch yet so to me when I would bring them in it was fun for me to hear her name them off like one of her kids.  She loved to see her flowers, she knew that someday we all would be loving them as much as her.  One of the days when we were all called home "because it was time" we all stood around her bed waiting for everyone to get there, mom was not very verbal anymore but she would cry for who or what she was going to miss.  I remember her saying she couldn't leave her flowers.... she loved her flower beds and she spent many hours making them perfect.  What I wouldn't give for those days again.... being able to pick flowers for my mother.  

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