Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Henry Marvin

Henry Marvin...... love his name..... was in front of my lens.  He did a great job being cute and all.  

We had a hard time getting him to zone out but in small burst we got a lot of great photos.

My favorite.... needs to be HUGE on the wall.

Henry's great grandfather is wrapped around him and he's looking up to the heavens just like he can see him.  

Great Grandpa Marv and Grandpa Al's helmets.

Henry is almost a month old so fitting in this basket was quite the job but I love his arms being crossed and his wrinkled up face.

It was nice to have a newborn again and he let me snuggle just a bit and smell him.  Nothing like the smell of a newborn baby that makes all the worries of your day disappear.  

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