Thursday, June 18, 2015

Nephew Jarrod and his family

My oldest nephew Jarrod came home (not sure he will call it home since he never lived here but I will still call here home) for a visit last weekend with his lovely bride and baby boy.  We had a family gathering at the house and of course we need to try to fit in family photos of them amongst all the other events panned for the day.  Jacob was a trooper even with being tired and missing his own bed.  

When Jarrod was little I stayed with them when they went to find a place to live in Mt Vernon.  I don't remember much of that trip but it was hot and I got to spend time with my very first nephew.  

Now he's married, has a wonderful wife and a beautiful baby..... 

Jarrod likes all things HISTORY so when I wanted to use the wagon of course I had to tell him that this wagon is my grandmothers wagon and it's still painted from them.... I haven't painted it yet.  I know that's amazing that I haven't but I must treasure the paint my grandparents put on it.  

And when there are amazing clouds in the sky you must embrace them.

Jarrod and Ellen he is amazing, thank you for spending some time with me and I hope your trip back HOME was easy on all of you.  

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