Monday, April 6, 2015

Tischendorf Family

Teaching photography classes has given me the opportunity to meet some pretty amazing people who have the same passion as I do.  Ability to capture their loved ones and understanding what all those buttons and settings are on their fancy cameras do.  Why have a SLR camera if you're not going to learn what it can do for you.  

During my first class Jennifer was pregnant with Gracie and pretty quiet, I didn't realize I was sweating her out of the room for 6 weeks..... pregnant momma was hot but she was determined to learn her camera.  I slowly got to know Jennifer when she took my 6 week photography course for the 2nd time.  This time she was not pregnant and knowing a little about the settings from the first class she was fired up and challenged me with lots of questions which I absolutely love.  The best part about teaching mommies is when you see them lighten up with the "ah ha" moment.  Jennifer was one of many that took the class twice and when they got it they all got it.  

Jennifer is now a close friend of mine, when she's with me she makes me laugh non-stop.  She makes me think with her many questions but I wouldn't want her any other way.  She makes Photo Club so much fun.  

Jennifer set up a family photo session for when her sister was home and we prayed for a nice day.... and then sickness hit Jennifer's daughters so she had to cancel the shoot.  We tried for a different date but nothing was lining up with our schedules so Jennifer dressed up those girls, did their hair, got herself put together and we did them in the afternoon.  The girls did so well considering they didn't feel so well.

While we set up the girls had jackets and blankets to cover up with and a puke bucket :)  When I was ready they took the coats and blankets off and I ran them to the side.  

Baby Haddie thought everyone else was more interesting to look at than me but that's the chance you take with little ones.  :)

This was a much warmer location so we got to do a few in a row without jackets.  

Jennifer and Stan even found their smiles after fighting sick little girls all weekend.  The girls might not have big smiles but they did so good and the puke bucket stayed empty.  :)

Jennifer I love you and your little family.  You are an amazing mommy and friend.   

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Anonymous said...

Such kind words Connie! Thank you so much.