Thursday, April 23, 2015

Joschimsen Family

I didn't realize I forgot to post these pictures, so they are a bit late but still worth the bragging rights to some pretty fine family photos.  

Large family photos during the spring is tough.  You don't know what kind of day you will get.... snow, rain, wind...... oh the wind is horrible and girls with hair do not do well getting pictures taken with lots of twisty wind...

We had a couple calm burst that we snuck in a few.

Moving to a different location was even better.  The lack of leaves and green worked well for these photos, the sun kissing the edges made me squeal with satisfaction.  

Looking into the sun certainly isn't easy for the people in front of the camera so the best way to deal with direct overhead sun is place the sun to their back if possible.  The sun directly on their back would be a background of the road so the next best for me was the sun to the side.  

Cousin LOVE

It was fun to give this family questions to answer as they walked towards me.  The kids might have thought my questions were ridiculous but Tom thought I was totally nuts, and I might be..... but they get more natural smiles and actions when I'm nuts.  

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