Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter 2015

This is going to be a photo overload but it was such a fun day I had to capture all the joys we shared.  

The day was forecasted to be snowy and colder, but we got sunshine and partly warm.  The table was set and waiting for the kids to get here.

Used my Fiesta for fun colors on the table.

An old shutter I painted with pastel colors is the perfect overhead view.

A look through the passthrough window

Yes I had to make a bunny trail

Jr comes over and all the toys come out.

He's not big enough to peddle so someone has to push him

Who will be brave enough to capture this egg..... her name is Alli she will make her home up north by the river.

Of course Mallory is the first one to jump on the 4 wheeler.

The big kids ready to hunt the eggs

Elly has to find all the high ones

There is something about pictures of little ones hunting eggs that I love.

Then it was time for baskets, they are in the house

The girls went back out to take care of the money that was found.

Bunny hopping to track where he went

It was time for a wheeler ride and Jr would rather drive

And the rest would rather ride 

Everyone likes to rough play with Uncle Adam

Another game of kickball.... girls against boys

It was getting cold out so Melanie got to watch from the van

The best part of the game.... teaching the kids sportsmanship

Girl huddle

I know this picture is blurry but I love it.... the boys think we're dumb

Part of the sportsmanship is teaching the official sign for loser..... right?

What a wonderful day playing and being all together.  So much fun with the kids getting older and loving the outside as much as we do.  Happy Easter

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