Monday, April 13, 2015

Golden hour

The photography club that I lead or maybe I beg for them to do challenges with me throughout the months so I'm not alone in this addiction of taking hundreds of photos a week...... anyway this month was the golden hour and how it can change the look just by moving your feet.   It might have caused me to burn up a few hundred photos in one night.  

The morning started out like this.  Those clouds were just amazing.

Then fast forward to night time about an hour before sunset.  Looking into the sun and took the photo.

Then moving to the other side of the grass and taking the photo with the sun to my back.   Pretty amazing how it can look so different just by moving my feet.

When I was walking out into the field I noticed the reflection in the soggy field with the farm in the background.   There is a farm to the east of us and the west and I've probably got millions of photos from both of them.

Sun in front of me

Sun behind me

Sun in front of me

and another one

And who can resist photos of an old bike with a dreamy golden hour background..... not me.

Then the sun behind me........ no longer looks as fun

Just a little golden hour practice.....  enjoy.

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