Sunday, October 25, 2015

Tamaracks in Fall Colors

I never knew the Tamarack Trees turned such a pretty yellow in the fall until last year when we drove up north for the weekend and they were everywhere, the next weekend they were gone.  So this year when I seen them so yellow and pretty last weekend I thought it would be too late to capture them during the trip up.  I'm not sure why but they were just as pretty this weekend as they were last weekend.  John had went up before me so I was by myself and it may have taken me 2.5 hours to drive a normal 1 hour trip.  

It was a cloudy day so that made them even more stunning.  

This weekend was a wood making weekend.  John did that all by himself too since I was still not feeling very well.  I did help unload and stack for a bit but then it was time for a rest.  

Saturday I felt so much better and Sunday was even better yet.  

Sunday was a perfect fall day, warm and sunny while we sat outside enjoying the fall air.  Soon we'll be looking at ice so we will take these sunny warm days when we can.  It was hard to come home today.

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