Sunday, November 1, 2015

Photographers Family.....

just like the carpenter who's house is never finished, the cook who never makes supper, the mechanic who's wife has to beg for an oil change...... family photos just never happen.  

Not for this photographer, my family is so cooperative the fly out of the house when I say "let's go take our family pictures"

The day was planned months ago and the days before it rains so hard we need an ark to paddle into desired area so plan B will have to work.  Morning is nice, no rain, no sun perfect cloudy sky.... dinner is cooking all kids are on time..... we eat and then everyone can't wait to smile nice for this photo. 

This is our front door, this is our house where we've been since Lynn was 6 months old.... 
this is plan B.  

We've gotten to be quite the crew and they are all looking at a camera sitting in the middle of a flower bed on a tripod smiling at it...... 

Then things started to fall apart.  Good thing you can't smell this photos..... dirty diapers, run away children, crying, yelling, laughing....  still camera on timer captures it all.

One more just to make sure we have something to print and hang on the wall.  

Little children run to the bikes and balls in the driveway and this crew sits on the deck for a photo.  12 years ago I took their photo here (2 less) the night before we moved Lynn and Jesse to Oregon, I treasured that photo for years.  I couldn't tell them I didn't like the sun over here.... I just took it anyway.

Then of course you have to have a photobomber.  

Pictures of the three kids..... and their dad.  They love their pictures to be taken, can't you tell.

They love their dad, can't you tell?

A little pull on the ear and Adam loves his dad.....

Yep they love photos.

Adam said today that he wishes he would have brothers..... but he really loves his sisters and knows exactly how to bond with them.....

True Adam bonding.....

So I say.  Adam, love your sisters!!    Wrap your arms around them..... he laughs

And he does this....

Lynn finally gets his death grip loose and then I say "Love your sisters nicely"

Yes Adam is wearing a hat, a cruddy hat..... that is Adam I like my kids to be themselves so I would never ask him to take his hat off.  He's worn a hat since he was 2, if we see him without a hat it's not Adam.  And this hat isn't true cruddy, they get lots worse.

My pretty girls

Do we look alike?

Me and my pride and joy.

Now my favorite part is the kids in their Halloween costumes.  Miss Lanie is Shannon's favorite Elephant. 

These kids are my everything.

Our day was full of fun and laughs.  Birthday cake and singing for Garrett who turned 7 today... fun costumes, lego playing, cake and cookie eating, snuggles, hugs and kisses...... Best Day Ever!!  Family photos might not be perfect but I'm totally okay with it.  

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