Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Anniversary Weekend Up North

33 years ago I married my best friend, we beat the odds of young stupid kids getting married and actually lasting....we showed the priest who married us that No we weren't going to be divorced in 6  months.... we worked hard at this young marriage and having a family of 5 when we were just kids ourselves.....and we won.  

We spent the weekend up north doing what ever we wanted.  With this view and beautiful weather it wasn't hard to enjoy every minute.   

We have everything put away for the winter so we had to haul some chairs out to the fire pit again.  

When I walked down by the river the sun was amazing sparkling on the water and through the trees so I had to run back up for the camera and capture it.

See the sparkling water?

Okay here is a closer view.....

The sky was so amazingly blue and the water reflected the blue

We walked down to the other end of our river bank where the eagles like to perch in the overhanging tree.

Then since there aren't very many pictures of me I get the camera set and have John put his feet exactly where mine were and I go to stand where he was.  That's the only way I can get him to touch the camera.  I'm not sure how he got the sun rays streaming down but it's kinda cool.

Don't look at me and my glowing head.....look at that sparkly water again..... amazing!!

Lines going every which way.....

I loved the yellow grass across the river with the blue water.

A few times this weekend the eagles flew by and we got to see them soar up and down the river.  That site will never get old.  Our Anniversary couldn't have been better and no it's not all roses.... there were times we didn't agree, he drove by garage sale signs when I gave pretty good hints that he should stop, he stopped at second hand stores but didn't want to, I hit him in the head with a roll of duct tape, he swore at me, I took a walk to get some alone time, I slept on the couch while watching a movie, I can't sit still and if I do I fall asleep, he hates that...... he didn't want to come home...... yep just normal stuff for us but I love him and I tell him he loves me.   We are blessed and worked hard to get to where we are, marriage doesn't just happen, two people make it happen and two people make it last forever.... we are the right two people for this one.

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