Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Bruggink Family Photos

My cousin Patti and her family wanted a fall family photo but I couldn't get them in until the second week of October.  By then the leaves would all be gone but don't worry we'll still have the fall look on the ground.  This was in July......  Fast forward to October the day of their family photos and it's peak fall colors.  

I love fall photos, wood piles, fall colors and I love this family.

Way back in the day we took care of Megan at our house everyday.  Patti and Chris were working nights and needed someone to watch Megan so she brought her by us and we had Megan everyday, she'd fall asleep on the couch and Patti would pick her up and take her home while we slept in our beds.  It's crazy to think about Megan being all warm and cozy and then swept away into the cold, she was about 2 at the time.  Its a good thing kids are so resilient to what parents must do.  

I ask families fun questions that I hope will get natural smiles but sometimes I get this.....

And this....

but then I get this.  Close family connection...... perfect.

This is a family that loves their hunting so why not make it apart of your family photos.

Love you all and good luck with picking that ONE photo you wanted.  

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