Saturday, October 10, 2015

Just a Beautiful Saturday

Beautiful October Saturday..... Nice day to put the outside patio stuff away, paint a few things, 4 wheeler ride to the hunting cabin, and lots of sunshine.  

At the hunting cabin I seen a few visitors that were very curious about me walking in the woods.  It was crazy how close they would let me get.  

Fall is such a beautiful time of year.

John has hunted in the same part of the woods since long before me.... It's been nick-named Holy Land.  It feels like Holy Land every time we ride through it.  It's always one of our stops so John can check his camera and I get a few pictures of it's beauty.  

Then on the drive back to the cabin we see this little lady just relaxing on the side of the trail.

After a beautiful day we got an amazing sunset.  I didn't notice when the sun was setting but after it set the sky lit up with color.

The were combining soybeans and the darker it got the more you could see their light and the dust that flies in their headlight.  

Sunsets and fall colors just never get old.  No matter how many times we see them they make you stop and be amazed by God's beauty.  

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Unknown said...

those sunset photos are amazing! I have a hard time getting the true color :( you nailed it!