Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Lynn and Family

 Lynn and her family were due for family photos.  Melanie is a year old and I think it's been long before they were pregnant with her that they had them done.  It's tough to get your family organized with a date, clothes, no scratches on the face, naps, location..... blah, blah, blah.... just do it.  Call someone and get your family photos taken, you can thank me later.

Of course the kids are really comfortable with me so I get silly kids right away.  All 3 of these kids are the hardest for me to photograph but you'd never know it because of course I don't show the bloopers..... I should cuz they are hilarious.  

Our oldest daughter Lynn and her cute little family.

The location is Jesse's grandfathers old barn which makes it a pretty cool location.  

Melanie might be small but she has a way of getting what she wants.... and she wants to stand up, heck she just recently got walking legs and she wants to use them whenever she can.

And she likes to show off for Grandma.....

I told the kids to give mommy and daddy hugs.... and this is what happened.

Lynn has a photo of her with Mallory and Maxwell so we need to add Melanie to that wall.

And Jesse has one with him and the other two as well.  

Melanie looks so much like her auntie Shannon.... whenever I spend time with her it takes me back to when Shannon was little. 

Max is always my silliest one so we let him get his silly's out with mommy

Love this one and it should be huge somewhere in their house.

Melanie looks so darn big here...... {crying ugly tears}

Mallory is the one who takes care of Melanie when Lynn needs a watchful eye.  Mallory even calls herself Momma when she talks to Melanie.  Lynn calls her Backseat Momma..... and that she is.

And this one is for Jesse.... his little family next to his Grandpa Frey's barn.

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