Thursday, October 1, 2015


This weekend we can cross another item off our bucket list.  Moonlight kayaking

Yep we went kayaking down the river in the dark, well by moonlight so there was some light..... barely

This is how light it was when we launched our kayaks.  There were 2 kids by the park that seemed a bit worried about us kayaking in the dark or they were just annoyed that we interrupted their "alone time".  We'll go with worried about us for their parents sake.  

Can you see us?  Don't worry we couldn't see either.

But then the almost full moon came up (night before the full moon) and it was so worth the blindness in the dark.  

We purposely run into each other and try to tip each other over when it's light out and I guess we're just kinda crazy that we did it in the dark too.  We'd hit rocks and logs and sandbars getting stuck and not being able to see why.... oh yeah it was tons of fun.

Some reflections on the kayaks and paddles.... I think

At one point we heard dogs barking at us so Gayle and I start to howl like wolves...... bad idea.... we paddled like crazy thinking we were going to get shot at.  

Gayle looking at her pictures on her cell phone.

The river is low so we had to get out a couple times and pull the kayaks through the sand and knowing where those low spots were was a bit difficult in the dark.  We did pretty well on our 2 hour float and marked the moonlight kayaking off our bucket list.

Sunday night I spent on the deck taking pictures of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.  I'm not a moon girl but John loves the moon and so does Mallory.  While we were on the deck taking pictures of the moon Mallory calls us.

We didn't think she'd be up yet otherwise we would have called her.  She was pretty darn excited watching the moon and talking to us.  She was a chatty cathy and she said.....

Grandma I had pancakes for supper with lots of syrup on them....... oh that explains this late night chatter.  

The start of the eclipse.

It then became the Blood Moon and I got the start of the moon coming back.  Super exciting night and if you missed it mark your calendar for 2033 and it will happen again.

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