Monday, October 19, 2015

Honor Flight Welcome Home

Last Monday John's brothers went on the Honor Flight to Washington.  They are Vietnam Veterans and I can't begin to think I can talk for any of them.  The night was very emotional for everyone that was there.  If you thought you could have dry eyes you were sadly mistaken.  John's niece went on the flight as her dad's Guardian.  She takes lots of photos so I knew she would want the photos from the welcome home.  I did my best to wiggle around and get some shots for her.  We stood shoulder to shoulder for a couple hours.  You moved you lost your spot and I lost my spot many times but I knew there were many other important family members that needed to see their hero walk down that isle. 

I bought John's mom a flag for each of her sons.  This photos still brings tears to my eyes..... a mom that had to be in her shoes.  

The plane has landed and it's time to find a hole.......  I am on the floor so my shots are from below. 

 The first veteran to walk down the isle.  I'm not going to type a word from here, the pictures of these men and their wives will speak for themselves.  

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