Sunday, September 18, 2011

My weekend find

This weekend there was an estate sale at a local deceased doctors home.  Jeannie and I went after putting the finishing touches on the wedding we were decorating for.  The doctors house was something I have always wanted to see and to be able to possibly buy some treasures would be a bonus.  Well the house was, let's just say interesting.  I would have loved to start ripping and tearing to re-moldel that house, it has some very unique characteristics.  The treasure were pretty pricey but we did happen to find a few items of interest.  Then the doctors kitchen table started to haunt me, it got my mind thinking and dreaming of that perfect patio table I have been looking for all summer.  I wasn't willing to pay what they were asking for it so I made an offer...... they came back a little higher.  I walked away without the table.  As I was driving home my mind could think of nothing else, I love iron tables, I love unique pieces, I love a big table for more people to sit around, I can paint it, I can re-cover the seats, I can make that table darn cute.  So was it worth it to give them what they wanted or wait until the morning to see if it was still there?????  

I talked John into going back to look at it with me and....... of course someone to help me put it in the truck.  We looked at it, I showed John the unique layout of the house, I pointed out lots of fun details about the house and yard.  I basically wanted to move in and keep the table there.  But since the house is sold and they probably didn't want me living with them I bought the table and it's now MINE.

Look at it all comfy and cozy on my patio.

I will paint it but not till next summer so we'll have to look at it all worn out white for the rest of this year.  I washed up the chairs on Saturday and as I washed it I thought about many things.  I have the table of the doctor that delivered me, and John and just about everyone else in this little town.  He would have delivered my babies too had he not been out of town for 2 of them and the 3rd one he promised he would be there...... he was, but Adam was a little stubborn and the surgeon had to cut him out.  

I'm not sure how many babies this man did deliver but I'm sure he sat in these chairs and talked about the beautiful babies he brought into this world.  

Take a look at the details

This table makes me happy!  I'll try to remember to show you a photo again next summer when it's all painted up and cute.

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