Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mallory and Maxwell

Mallory isn't a fan of getting her picture taken by Grandma but it was time for her to finally get her 2 year photos taken and Mr Maxwell is already 4 months old so he was also overdue.  Maxwell has the cutest spiky hair and even though it's getting longer it still stands straight up and has a tinge of red.  The only thing longer than his spiky hair is his extremely long eyelashes.  

Miss Mally in her serious look :)

Mally tricked me with books.  She said she would smile if I got her a book to read.  Well I got her a stack of books and about an hour of "no lookin' at the camera grandma, I'm readin"

Mr Maximum got sleepy with all that reading so we made him a nest.   

Lynn loves sidewalk chalk so she made Max a prop.  She wrote it so big I had to stand on a 8' ladder (yep I stood on the top step with the warning that says DO NOT STAND ON THIS STEP) to get the whole thing in the frame.  I go through great danger for these kids.

Mally was all smiles when we told her she could stand on the box and jump.  I had to restrain myself as this aqua box looked like it was set out for the garbage man.  Had I known for sure that they were throwing it out it would have come home with me.  

Ask Mally to smile and you will get a big ole' grin with squinty eyes, but oh so cuteness.

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Lynn said...

Love them! Love them! How do I decide which ones to order! Oh my goodness! Love the black & white of Mally and love the pillar one! And love the close up of Max!