Monday, September 19, 2011

Mr Mad Max

Saturday Mallory and Max came over to spend the night while Mommy and Daddy attended her class reunion.  I'm not old enough for my kids to be going to class reunions am I??  

Let's just say my night consisted of walking every inch of my house, bounced my arm until I thought it would fall off, rocked back and forth all night long and nothing was helping Mr Mad Max.  After about 5 hours, him and I spent some bonding time together when he finally got rid of his tummy ache, he laid on my chest sleeping away snuggling up to my chin, smelling like a baby, snoring just a little bit, while I watched him sleep and rested my tired back.  Maxwell is allergic to dairy and Lynn has been so good at not eating any dairy but a few sips from a cappuccino that morning put poor baby Max in a not so good mood.  I felt so bad for him and could feel his pain as I am also allergic to dairy and those tummy aches are not fun.  

Tonight I was going through his pictures and could just eat him up.  
Happy Max or Mad Max I love him to pieces.  

And of course Miss Mallory is so tolerant of Max's crying it doesn't bother her one bit.  She was snuggling on the couch with Grandpa.  They are moon lovers so she's just about to sleep and Grandpa picks her up for a walk to the window to see the pretty moon.  Are you kidding me!!  Well it was worth it because when she woke up in the morning she ran to the window and said "where's my moon?"

Here is another shot of Miss Mallory that I just love. 

John and I are very blessed with our beautiful family, they are our entire world and I would walk the floors every night for anyone of them.


Lynn said...

What a surpise! LOVE!!! Love! Love them! Did I say I love them? LOL! Really I do! :)

arturlington said...

These are inspirational!